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Sunday, 22nd April 2018: 10:26pm

Palmerston Lucky School

"I wish my school was like this!" is the frequent comment from visitoring cruisers to the Island on seeing the school. 

Well maintained buildings, open air appropriately designed local style classroom, spacious playground, marked out soccer field, volleyball court and white, sandy clean and tidy grounds are the first things that you notice on entering the school area.   "I never expected to see this on an isolated island." 

 Located in the centre of the island, fringed with large tamanu (mahogany) trees, is Palmerston Lucky School, so named many years ago because of the constant bountiful supplies of books and stationery given to the school by passing visitors and family members overseas.

  "Palmerston is a wonderful island and we have been blessed to be able to have a peak into your daily life.  We will always remember the beautiful smiling faces of all of you children."  Louie and Alicia van Praag, on SV Tar Baby II

 "We came to see a school and discovered an educational leader with a very clear vision and set of values.  We can only wish that such leadership and values would be available worldwide.  The gift of self-discipline and motivation the students acquire will accompany them during a lifetime.  We are sure that each child has a chance to develop self awareness and the ability to realize a full potential.  We have learned a lot from you!!  Many thanks!!"  Miri and Zulu on SV Shapirit


Palmerston Lucky School is the only school on the Island.   It was first started in the mid-1940s and after moving several times was then built on its present location almost in the centre of the Island.  The original school building was burnt down in 1998 and the present building was built in 2001 with the official opening in May.  Over the years the school has been taught by various teachers – some from Rarotonga, some from the family, even the oldest student in the school was given the honour of teaching when there was no qualified teacher available.




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