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Sunday, 22nd April 2018: 10:25pm

Residing or Living on Palmerston

 Although anyone can visit Palmerston by yacht, Tourist boat or cargo boat, only descendants of William Marsters, or those married to a descendant, can reside on Palmerston. Therefore only family members or those married to a family member can live permanently on Palmerston. All family members are descendant from one of the three wives of William Marsters, and therefore are connected to one of the three families on the Island, and as such connected to the land.

Over the years people who are not related to or married to a Marsters, have lived on Palmerton for a while. This is usually for work purposes, for example, a Nurse or a teacher, and this is organised by the Ministry of Health in Rarotonga for a nurse, or the Executive Officer in Palmerston for a teacher, both on a contract basis only. The Minister of the Church also is not a Marsters, but is placed by the Cook Islands Christian Church Executive as part of the four year rotation of Ministers. Volunteers are welcome and arrangements would need to be made with the Executive Officer or a family on the Island as there is no tourist or holiday accommodation.

As Palmerston is a family island, you are most welcome to come and visit, but to permanently live or relocate there is not possible unless you are a member of the family.