Local Time

Sunday, 22nd April 2018: 10:26pm

Welcome to Palmerston Island


Mike, Kelly, Bennett and Taryn from Alberta, Canada on SV Wyndeavour, write “Thank you so much for having us at your beautiful Island. We’re so glad we stopped here. We were to go straight to Niue but the wind blew us here – Lucky us!”

“We dreamed of a place like this when we were back home in Germany, but we never thought it actually existed. We will never forget this place as long as we live. This has been the highlight of our trip.” Visiting tourist on the Tourist boat, Hansieta.

Captain Fred Adam from Iowa, USA, on Sailing Vessel “Mary C”, “Truly the most friendly and cordial people I’ve ever met in 30 years of worldwide travel. I will always remember this friendly Island and especially it’s wonderful, always laughing children. Thank you for allowing me to visit your school and read to the children.” (He read Dr Suess!!)

“When I left home I had three things in my mind that I wanted to do on our journey across the Pacific. I have achieved all three in Palmerston.” Mike, father of three on SV

“All my life I have been told about Palmerston from my Dad, but none of that comes anywhere near the reality of actually being here. This is surreal.” Family member returning back home for the first time.


“Oh, this is beautiful! You didn’t tell us it was like this! I never expected anything like this!”  Barbara and Lionel on SV Sea Whisper

The familiar expressions of awe and amazement at the beautiful Atoll and Island we live on. The swaying coconut trees, green vegetation, white sand, clean paths, tall tamanu (mahogany) trees, welcoming, friendly people, and community living, all contribute to a sense of having stepped into another world. No airport, no shops, no cars, no TV (except Sky when it works!), no cafes, no takeaways and no worries!!  Well, almost!  (No doctor, no dentist, no hairdresser, no supermarket, no harbour and until recently no internet and no home phones.) Palmerston is a unique experience!


Whether you are wanting to know more about Palmerston, planning a visit via yacht, tourist boat or cargo boat, a family member from around the globe wanting to find out more about home, or just plain interested in learning more about our beautiful paradise, welcome!!