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Wednesday, 23rd May 2018: 10:42pm

Palmerston Island

Welcome to Palmerston Island

Welcome to Palmerston Island

“a unique place, a unique people, a unique experience”

                                    “where hospitality is taken to the extreme”

                                                            ‘where people matter more than time and things’

The Palmerston experience is unique –

  • where you are hosted by a family and become part of it
  • where you are fed each day a meal of fresh fish, at no charge
  • where the greeting is “have a seat”.


Located strategically along the path of the trade winds between Borabora in French Polynesia to the east, and Niue to the west, is the tiny, stunningly beautiful, atoll of Palmerston.  Part of the Cook Islands group, almost 500 kilometres north west of the capital Rarotonga, Palmerston is only accessible by boat.  Seven kilometres wide and eleven kilometres in length, the harp-shaped atoll is a perfect stop-over on your sojourn across the Pacific.  Barely visible from only twenty kilometres away, the six low lying islets hug the ring of the reef around the turquoise, pristine colours of the lagoon.  Boasting one of the healthiest reefs in the Pacific, snorkelling and swimming amongst the turtles, colourful green parrot fish and amazing marine life is an unforgettable experience. 

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